What are the competitive advantages of AtroPIM?

AtroPIM has a completely configurable data model

  • You can adopt the system up to 100% onto your data structure, not vice versa
  • You can configure new entities, relations, and fields
  • You can configure different layouts and panels

AtroPIM has an enterprise level access management

  • Users can have permission to create, view, edit or delete records
  • Users can have access to own records, team records, all records or no records
  • Configuration of permissions on the field level is also possible

AtroPIM is very flexible and feature-rich

  • You receive a lot of features out of the box
  • AtroPIM can easily be customized
  • User interfaces (UI) are developed in a way, that makes it possible to extend the functionality everywhere and for every panel, data record or even field

AtroPIM is web-based

  • A modern web-browser is all you need to work
  • No expensive infrastructure maintenance is needed
  • On-Premise or Out-Of-The-Cloud usage is possible

AtroPIM has responsive User Interfaces (UI)

  • You can use it on desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • You can access the system from everywhere

AtroPIM is extendible

  • There are a lot of free and paid modules
  • If you pay for a module you don't rent it, you own it
  • You can extend the system with your own modules

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AtroPIM is an open-source software

  • You retain full control over your data
  • You are completely independent of your software provider
  • AtroPIM is created with modern open-source technologies

AtroPIM comes in a single edition

  • There is no community or enterprise edition
  • Everyone uses the same core system

AtroPIM is less expensive, than the competition

  • AtroPIM is free
  • Customizations, new modules and features are faster and less expensive to implement
  • Support costs are independent of the number of users

AtroPIM enables you to use portals

  • Portals give you an additional authorization layer
  • Portals can be configured, just like the system itself
  • Onboard your suppliers or customers
  • Give access to the agencies and freelancers, you work with

AtroPIM can be easily integrated with other systems

  • AtroPIM has a REST API with 100% functional coverage
  • AtroPIM has advanced import and export facilities
  • We can create a connector to any system you use

AtroPIM is a solid software

  • AtroPIM is based on AtroCore, which is a MDM and Rapid Application Development Platform
  • AtroPIM can be used together with AtroDAM as a single software instance
  • AtroPIM, AtroCore and AtroDAM are actively developed

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