AtroPIM in Detail

As a modern and feature-rich PIM system, AtroPIM gives you incredible flexibility in configuring,
customizing and evolving your specific solution, taking into account all your specifics.


  • API
  • Easy Data Import and Export
  • Channels
  • Product Associations
  • Categorization and Segmentation
  • Product Families
  • Attribute Groups and Attributes
  • Product Management
  • Image Management
  • Flexible Data Model
  • Entity Configurator
  • Layout Configurator
  • Group Functions
  • Teamwork
  • Roles, Teams, and Authorizations
  • Dashboards
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • and more..


100% Open source, License: GPLv3

That's how it works

AtroPIM is an effective solution for storing, processing and managing your sales- and marketing-relevant product information. All product data, images and videos are extracted from different sources, classified and optimized. With our PIM system you can increase the product data quality and enrich it with the translations. AtroPIM helps you to publish easily the relevant data on different sales channels and output media and to provide customers with enriched, structured and complete information about your product. AtroPIM enables to launch your products faster and to ensure a smooth marketing and sales process.


Do you want to know more?

Download the brochure to learn more about AtroPIM:

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There are many extensions in AtroPIM,
which enable to expand or change the existing functionality.

Activities and Tasks

With this module, you control all your activities related to each entity in the system - tasks, calls, appointments and meetings, emails.

from 190 EUR
Your Extension?

We are happy to develop a desired module for you.

from 500 EUR

Implement a flexible pricing policy - currencies, quantity and scale prices, channel-dependent prices.

from 900 EUR

User benefits

AtroPIM is simple and intuitive to understand, which makes users really happy!

  • Speed& Flexibility: AtroPIM is extremely fast and very flexible in configuration options
  • Excellent usability: User interfaces of AtroPIM are well thought out, convenient to use and will not overwhelm users with unnecessary information. AtroPIM has responsive UI Design.
  • Team-oriented: Work together with your colleagues like a team to get qualitative results as fast as possible.
  • Feature-rich: AtroPIM offers many functions right out of the box and can meet very high demands.
  • Workplace-independent: Work with AtroPIM wherever you want and when you want, even from your smartphone, like with a real app.

More benefits

Low introductory costs and short

No license fees and other

Web-based and platform-independent

100% open source, therefore customizable and expandable

Configurable entities, layouts and

Modern and user-friendly
user interface

Role-based permissions on entity
and field level

Unlimited number of users

Feature-rich right out of the box, with
many features from the enterprise area

Thanks to a full-featured REST API
can be integrated with any third-party systems

Simple and intuitively understandable

Based on the latest technologies and
high code quality

AtroPIM can do it all. Are you interested?
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