Why Open Source?

Open source software affects the software with open source code that is freely available to everyone. Open source software is mostly free and can be extended or changed by anyone. According to the Open Source survey, over 92% of applications include open source libraries. Over 80% of companies today rely on open source solutions, and their number continues to increase. Why do companies choose open source systems and what are their advantages?

Decision Criteria for Open Source Software

Quality of solutions

Competitive features

Customization options

Which Companies Use Open Source Solutions?

Nowadays, open source solutions are used in almost every industry and in companies of all sizes.

Advantages of Open Source Software

Flexibility and customization options

The open source systems offer more flexibility than the proprietary software, and that means more freedom that encourages innovation. According to the Open Source 360 ​​Survey, 67% of users consider it a key factor in their choice, because anyone can change the code and add new features to make the software fit their individual needs. With commercial software, the source code is available only to developers and only they can make certain customizations.

Security and code quality

As a rule, open source solutions are more secure than proprietary software, although they are not always developed in a controlled environment. However, they are regularly and extensively extended by the community: the users find bugs, give the reports and thus the bugs will be fixed faster. According to the 2018 Open Source survey, security is an important factor when choosing the open source software for nearly 80% of users.

Low costs

The open source solutions are mostly free or require lower license fees. 84% of the users apply it because of the price and independence from the provider. You can decide for yourself who will make the desired changes or implement the system: the software provider, in-house developer or other third-party agencies. It should be taken into account that the appropriate quality must be maintained.

Maintenance and Support

Usually, the software providers offer affordable support services for e.g. monthly fixed rate, hourly billing or otherwise. The following services can be offered: implementation, consulting, migration, integration and others. If you have specific requirements that need to be implemented, the development team can also assist you, because they know the software best. Thanks to the paid support, bugs will be also fixed faster.


In contrast to licensed software, in most open source solutions, an unlimited number of users works together in such a way, how it is realized in the product information management system AtroPIM. Registration of new users in proprietary software requires additional costs and maintenance.

No dependance on software provider

A big advantage of open source programs is that you are not dependent on the developer agency. This independence is estimated by 84% of users and grants full freedom in choosing the right agency.

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