AtroPIM is a state-of-the-art solution, has API-centric software architecture, and brings many technological advantages in terms of data model performance and flexibility, as well as customization and integration with other systems.


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Advantages for developers

The code of AtroPIM is easy to understand and to expand in order to make the developers happy!

  • Open Source: AtroPIM is 100% open source and is distributed under GPLv3 license. Change everything you want!
  • АPI-centric: AtroPIM has API-centric software architecture, which means that everything is done through API, even if you make changes, they are immediately available in the API.
  • Object-oriented: AtroPIM was developed through object-oriented programming and is thus very flexible and modular built in terms of changes.
  • High code quality: AtroPIM has a high code quality, we make every effort to keep it that way!
  • Modern technologies: AtroPIM is based on the EspoCRM framework and is developed with the most advanced technologies - PHP7 and Backbone.js.
  • Extendible: You can easily extend the functions of AtroPIM with your own modules.

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