The workflows module enables you to implement and manage different processes and actions, triggered by certain events in the system and taking account of certain conditions. The main purpose of workflow configuration and programming is to automate processes and create/modify data records, to save time, minimize human error, and improve collaboration. Absolutely any workflow can be implemented.

The module enables you to define certain states (e.g. product status) for a workflow and transitions under certain conditions (e.g. the reviewer has approved the product data), which results in changing from one state to another (e.g. product status is changed to "approved"). Such changes can also be supplemented with certain actions (e.g. product is automatically activated and can be published on different channels).

Currently only transitions can be configured, everything else should implemented by programmers. Implementation of a simple workflow can take appx. 1-2 hours into account.



Read the technical documentation to learn more about the module.


The module can be adapted to your needs, please contact us.


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