The "Pricing" module offers advanced pricing capabilities to display different prices across different customer groups and channels. In addition, thanks to the automatic price conversion, you can create scalable prices depending on the number of items and the prices in different currencies. The price conversion can be performed depending on the fixed currency exchange rate or by manually entering the price for each single item.


To install the "Pricing" module, go to Administration > Module Manager, find this module in the Store list and click Install:

Pricing install

Select the desired version in the installation pop-up window that appears and click the Install button. The module background will turn green and it will be moved to the Installed section of the Module Manager. Click Run update to confirm its installation.

Please, note that running the system update will lead to the logout of all users.

To update/remove the "Pricing" module from the system, use the corresponding options from its single record actions menu in Administration > Module Manager.

Administrator Functions

The "Pricing" module significantly extends the functionality of the AtroPIM system, so further description of the module is given in the context of AtroPIM.

After the module installation, a new Price Profiles item is added to the navigation menu and the PRODUCT PRICES panel is added to the products detail view page instead of the Price field.

Currency Configuration

To configure the currencies used in pricing for product distribution, go to Administration > Currency:

Currency settings

The EUR currency is set by default, but you can expand the list with as many currencies as needed. To do this, click the Currency List field and choose the desired options from the drop-down list that appears:

Currency list

Here you can also select the default currency (to be used when creating new records) and currency format via the corresponding drop-down lists. In the Currency Decimal Places field, specify the number of decimal places to be used in currency fields and calculations or leave the field empty to have all filled decimal places displayed.

On the CURRENCY RATES panel, you should also specify the conversion rates for the currencies available in the currency list. For this, select the base currency and enter its rate value according to other currencies:

Currency rates

Click the Save button to apply your currency configuration or Cancel to abort the process.

Access Rights

By default, the pricing feature is enabled for all users, however, it can be disabled for certain user roles, if needed, on the Administration > Roles > 'Role name' page:

Access rights

Please, note that access rights for Channels and Products should also be enabled.

User Functions

After the "Pricing" module is installed and configured by the administrator, user can work with price profiles in accordance with his role rights that are predefined by the administrator.

Price Profile

A price profile is a configurable price variation that allows you to define various prices for different groups of customers, both in numbers and currencies. Examples of price profiles may be the following: Regular prices, Wholesale, VIP clients prices, Seasonal discounts, etc.


To create a new price profile record, click Price Profiles in the navigation menu to get to the profiles list view, and then click the Create Price Profile button. The common creation window will open:

Profile creation

Here enter the desired name for the price profile record being created and define the currencies to be used in it (in accordance with the ones defined on the currency configuration step).

Please, note that the default currency cannot be removed.

Activate the price profile and enter its description, if needed.

Please, note that only activated profiles are added to the products available in the system.

Click the Save button to finish the price profile creation and move to its configuration or Cancel to abort the process.


The price profile detail view page opens when the price profile is saved:

Price profile details

Here, on the CHANNELS panel, relations between channels, through which product distribution is performed, and price profiles are established and managed via selecting the existing ones or creating new channels:

Channels panel

Read more about these options in the corresponding article of the AtroPIM user guide.

Alternatively, you can link price profiles with channels on the PRICE PROFILES panel within the desired channel detail view page:

Price profiles panel

Product Price Setup

As soon as the active price profile is created, it is added to all products available in the system and is displayed on the PRODUCT PRICES panel:

Price profiles panel

Here you can define product prices for all currencies pre-configured for the given price profile. To do this, select the Edit option from the actions menu of the desired price profile:

Price editing option

In the editing pop-up that appears, enter the product price in the default currency – the price for other currencies will automatically be calculated according to the defined currency rate values:

Price value

However, you can modify the automatically calculated price via selecting the Edit checkbox for the desired currency and entering a different value:

Price edited

Please, note that if you remove the selection of the Edit checkbox, the automatically calculated value will be recovered. Selecting the Edit checkbox once again will not lead to restoring the previously entered value.

If you need to scale the product price, i.e. differentiate it according to the amount of items sold, click Add and enter the desired price values in the added fields:

Price added

Click Remove to delete a whole row of price values for all currencies, if needed.

To apply the changes, click the Save button – the defined product price values will be displayed on the PRODUCT PRICES panel:

Filled price profiles panel

Please, note that only first three prices are shown on the panel. To see them all, open a separate pop-up via the View option from the actions menu of the given price profile:

View product price

If you need to duplicate the product record, in which the price values are configured, you can choose whether the prices are to be duplicated as well in the confirmation pop-up that appears:

Duplicate product prices

Channels and Product Prices

The PRODUCT PRICES panel display depends on the currency settings of the channels linked to the product record, namely price details for active channels only are given according to price profiles, sorted by currencies:

Channels and prices

Module Advanced Features

Additionally, the "Pricing" module can be efficiently used with the "Product Variants" module to differentiate prices for configurable products and their variants. Visit our store to learn more about the "Product Variants" module and other add-ons available for you.

Purchase Conditions

The price does not include VAT. For the price stated above you will get the module including updates and upgrades for one year. After that, you may still use your last version of the module, or purchase the module again with a 50% discount, which gives you a right to updates and upgrades for an additional year. Furthermore, our EULA (End-User License Agreement) will apply.


The module can be adapted to your needs, additional functions can be programmed, existing functions can be changed. Please contact us regarding this. Our GTC (General Terms and Conditions) apply.


Please contact us, and we will send you the access data for the demo version.

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