The module "PDF Modifier" enables you to create PDF documents, add text to them, add images and vector graphics, embed your own fonts, embed pages from other PDFs. You can add, insert and remove pages. PDFs with multiple pages can be created.

Create and Modify

With the help of this module you can create new or modify existing PDF documents.

Split and Merge

Split a single PDF into separate ones or merge multiple PDF into a single document.

Works with Forms

You can also work with forms - create new forms or read and fill existing ones, check checkboxes, click buttons, select options etc.

PDF document can be created for a single record or for a list of records. Multiple templates can be created. Template created is not included in the purchase price. In contrast to the "PDF Generator" module templates consist no HTML/CSS here, but rather Javascript-based rules.

Both RBG and CMYK color spaces are supported.

The module is based on pdf-lib.js, full functionality is supported.




The module can be adapted to your needs, additional functions can be programmed, existing functions can be changed. Please contact us regarding this. Our GTC (General Terms and Conditions) apply.


This module is a pre-order product.

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