PDF Generator

The "PDF Productsheets" module enables you to generate PDF files with product information, which are prepared for certain channels and/or locales, in a user-friendly manner.

The module offers the following options of the data range to be generated in PDF files:


To install the "PDF Productsheets" module to your system, go to Administration > Module Manager, find this module in the "Store" list and click Install:


Select the desired version in the installation pop-up window that appears and click the Install button. The module background will turn green and it will be moved to the "Installed" section of the Module Manager. Click Run update to confirm its installation.

Please, note that running the system update will lead to the logout of all users.

To update/remove the "PDF Productsheets" module from the system, use the corresponding options from its single record actions menu in the Module Manager.

Administrator Functions

Generally, the "PDF Productsheets" module has no settings, however, to be able to generate PDF files for the locale-specific product data, the multi-languages parameters are to be configured. For this go to Administration > Multi-Languages, choose the desired language(s) from the drop-down list that appears once you click the Input language list field:

Multi-lang setup

Click the Save button to apply the configuration or Cancel to abort the process.

User Functions

After the module installation, the Product Sheet option appears both in the single record actions menu on the product records list/plate view page

List view

and on the product detail view page:

Detail view

Click this option to open the product sheet generator pop-up:

Generator pop-up

Please, note that the Locale parameter is available only when the "Multi-Languages" module is activated by the administrator.

Product Sheet Settings

In the product sheet generator pop-up, specify the following parameters:

  • Product sheet template – the list of templates for generating the PDF files. The Default product sheet template option is defined by default. To expand the list of templates, please, contact us or your developer.

  • Channel – the list of channel names that are linked to the given product record. The Only global scope option is defined by default, i.e. all product attribute values with the Global scope will be generated to the PDF file. To generate channel-specific attribute values (including multichannel attributes), select the desired channel name in the list:


    Please, note that if there are no channels linked to the product record, then the Channel drop-down list will contain only one option – Only Global Scope.

  • Locale – the list of locales according to the options configured by the administrator. For each locale, a separate PDF file should be generated.

Product Sheet Generation

Click the Generate product sheet button to start the operation. As a result, the PDF file, generated according to the defined parameters, will be open in a new tab:

Generated PDF

Here all the data from the OVERVIEW and PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES panels of the given product record are displayed.

Please, note that in the generated PDF file, None is shown for the unfilled data fields and attributes.

If there are no records on the IMAGES panel of the given product at all or with the channel scope defined in the product sheet generator, there will be no image preview in the generated PDF file:

No image

The generated product sheets can be used later as attachments to the reports, tables, printed catalogs with product information, etc.

Generating Mass Product Sheets

AtroPIM also supports the ability to generate product sheets for up to 200 products at the same time via the Generate PDF mass action on the product records list view:

Mass generation

The product sheet generator pop-up appears:

Mass generator pop-up

Since only global product values are generated for the products array, there is no Channel parameter in this pop-up.

Click the Generate product sheet button to start the operation – the Queue Manager pop-up will open displaying the operation status and progress:

Queue manager

In the Queue Manager pop-up, click the Download button for the completed operation to view the generated PDF file in a separate tab.

If you need to generate PDF files for product records within one catalog, filter the products by the desired catalog and use the Generate PDF mass action:

Catalog filter

Product Sheets History

To view the list of generated product sheets, click the History button in the product sheet generator pop-up, executed via the Generate PDF mass action on the products list view page:

Product sheets history

On the "Attachments" list view page, the records are sorted by their creation time. They can be viewed in a separate pop-up via the View option from the single record actions menu:

History view

To remove a product sheets history record, use the Remove option and confirm your decision in the pop-up that appears.

Purchase Conditions

The price does not include VAT. For the price stated above you will get the module including updates and upgrades for one year. After that, you may still use your last version of the module, or purchase the module again with a 50% discount, which gives you a right to updates and upgrades for an additional year. Furthermore, our EULA (End-User License Agreement) will apply.


The module can be adapted to your needs, additional functions can be programmed, existing functions can be changed. Please contact us regarding this. Our GTC (General Terms and Conditions) apply.


Please contact us, and we will send you the access data for the demo version.

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