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PIM für Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution from Microsoft that supports small and medium-sized businesses. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can be used cloud-based or on-premise. The system automates many business processes related to sales, financial management and accounting, supply chain, manufacturing and operations management. This solution also supports multiple currencies, which makes it possible to work with different countries.

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It's worth using a separate system to manage product information - thus relieving your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system of unnecessary information. With a PIM System AtroPIM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV all product data is stored in a central repository, it is always up-to-date, qualitative and targeted. With a PIM solution you distribute the relevant product information to all necessary channels and control the product data more efficiently.

Use AtroPIM as your central database for product information. The system is 100% open source, extensible and has a high level of configuration.

Use our other connectors to automatically transfer your product information to other e-commerce systems such as Shopware, Magento and other partner systems.

The following usage scenarios between your ERP / your IMS and PIM are possible:

  • One-time import of all your data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • One-way synchronization of information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to AtroPIM
  • Bilateral synchronization of information between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AtroPIM. Microsoft Web Services are used for data exchange.

For data auditing, Microsoft Web Services are used.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV PIM Connector at a glance

  • Import / export of manufacturers
  • Export / import of categories and sub-categories (if required of more than one category tree)
  • Import / export of products
  • Import / export of product images
  • Import / export of product prices
  • Import / export of the product variants
  • Import / export of product options, product features as well as product attributes and their values
  • Import / export of product descriptions incl. multilingual contents
  • Automatic and manual mapping of the entries.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV PIM Connector

  • Productivity - centralized data maintenance leads to productivity growth.
  • User-friendliness - the data exchange occurs fully automatically.
  • Performance - the possibility of transferring an unlimited volume of data.
  • Flexibility - our PIM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV easily adapts to your needs.
  • Efficiency - automation of data transfer helps to avoid information loss.

We will gladly adapt the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PIM Connector to your individual requirements so that you can use the PIM system together with your ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV as you need it!


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