Omnichannel Marketing - Definition, Challenges and Best Practices

17 February 2021
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How to become one of the best omnichannel retailers?

08 February 2021
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Omnichannel Retailing: Definition, Trends and Best Practices

03 February 2021
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18 Benefits of Product Information Management (PIM)

01 February 2021
With the rise of digital technologies and online trade, PIM has become increasingly important and brings a lot of benefits for adopters.

5 Steps To Successfully Implementing PIM In Your Business

22 January 2021
PIM software solutions come in abundance, but implementing a PIM software can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are five steps that companies should take to implement a PIM system into a business successfully.

20 best practices for successful PIM implementation

19 January 2021
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Top 20 features of a PIM system for your business

14 January 2021
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What is a PIM System - The Essential Guide

07 January 2021
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7 Steps of NPI process

10 October 2020
The New Product Introduction (NPI) is a process of turning an idea into a launched product. The NPI process varies from organization to organization, but certain stages are universal.

Top 10 requirements for a PIM system

30 October 2019
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PIM Сonsulting - do you really need it?

13 August 2019
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WMS, PIM and Online Shop In Practice

08 August 2019
Management of product-related processes and data of an online shop should be carried out separately by WMS and PIM systems. Typical are 2 scenarios.