AtroPIM won two awards

17 May 2021
We’re excited to share that we have won two awards one in Top Trending Software category and other in the Best Value Software category.

What is the maturity stage of the product life cycle?

06 May 2021
The maturity stage of the product life cycle comes after growth, in the concept of the product life cycle...

Multichannel Marketing - Definition, benefits, and strategy

09 April 2021
The majority of successful companies constantly increase the number of touchpoints and use multichannel marketing.

Top 20 Challenges for Omnichannel Approach

01 April 2021
There are many challenges in implementing your omnichannel strategy, from the approach to the technical details. Let's figure out the main challenges.

Omnichannel Distribution - Definition, Trends and Best Practices

30 March 2021
Omnichannel distribution is the process of making a product or service available for purchase on any channel that consumers choose.

What is the growth stage of the product life cycle?

25 March 2021
The growth stage of the product life cycle happens once the product is developed and introduced to the market. Sometimes, growth is very quick, sometimes is moderate.

Top 20 omnichannel experiences to learn from

23 March 2021
What are the best omnichannel experiences and what can we learn from them? These questions are answered in this article.

Software overview for Product Lifecycle Management

18 March 2021
Product lifecycle management software is the software used to manage the product development process, from idea creation to selling and disposal.

What is Product Development Life Cycle?

16 March 2021
Product development life cycle is a process of creating and bringing a new product to the market. Read the article to learn more.

Using a PIM for Product Life Cycle Management

12 March 2021
PLM systems are not intended for marketing. PIM systems are! Use them to improve your Product Life Cycle Management.

What is Product Life Cycle Management?

10 March 2021
Product Life Cycle Management is the sequence of marketing strategies recommended for each stage of a Product Life Cycle. Want to know more?

Top 20 Omnichannel Marketing Examples

08 March 2021
Some companies have already trod the path to efficient omnichannel marketing. Here are the top 20 examples.