Product marketing

Can you activate or deactivate a product?

Yes, you can activate or deactivate a product. This is also possible using the mass change function. By default, the deactivated products are not transferred.

Can you manage cross-selling offers?

Yes, in AtroPIM it is possible to create and manage cross-selling offers for your products. Use the associations for this. Cross-selling is already preconfigured as an association.

What associations are there and what are they good for?

Associations help to define connections between products - either on one side or on both sides.

Each user can create any number of associations. The following associations are created by default:

  • Is spare part of
  • Has spare parts
  • Has replacements
  • Replaces
  • Is part of
  • Consists of
  • Similar
  • Related
  • Cross sell
  • Upsell

The unused associations can easily be removed.

How many product catalogs can you manage?

You can manage several product catalogs in AtroPIM.

How many channels can you manage?

You can manage as many channels as you want in AtroPIM. The information for a channel can be transmitted in different ways:

  • via API from AtroPIM,
  • via API from a third-party system,
  • via Export Feeds (Export Feeds module required).

Is it possible to transmit product information in more than one language via one channel?

Yes, you can transmit multilingual product information via one channel.

Can you create individualized product information for each channel?

Yes, use the channel-specific attributes for this. In order to create an attribute as channel-specific, you should activate this property for an attribute in a product family.

Can you manage product prices?

In AtroPIM Price is a standard field of the Price type. It is possible to create and use several such fields.

If you plan a complicated price management with graduated prices, different currencies etc., please use our module “Pricing”.

How is it determined which product information is to be transmitted via which channels?

The category tree concerned is determined by assigning a product to a category. A category tree is assigned to a catalog that can be assigned to one or more channels. The product information for the respective product is also assigned to these channels.