Product management

What is the difference between a product family and a category?

A product family determines the type of product by assigning a product family to automatically determining which attributes should be used to describe a product, because the product family must be entered as a mandatory field when creating each individual product. A product can only be from one product family.

Categories are important for a classification of the products, because thanks to the categorization your products are also found by customers, e.g. in an online shop. Categories are important for the marketing of the products, so a product can be assigned to several categories in order to be found more easily.

Is it possible to have more than one category tree?

Yes, you can have any number of category trees in AtroPIM. A product can also be assigned to more than one category and not necessarily within a category tree.

Can you manage brands, product series or product groups? Something else?

Yes. The brands are available straight out of the box. All other entities should be set up by the administrator using the Entity Manager. In AtroPIM it is possible to manage any data that has to do with the classification of the products.

Can I see who changed what and when?

If change tracking is activated for a field of an entity, every change in the system is reflected in the stream. You can see who changed what and when, and the old value is also displayed.

To activate change tracking, please contact your administrator.

If the standard functions for tracking changes are not sufficient for you, please use our module [Revisions] ( Among other things, the module will allow you to restore the old values.

Are SEO requirements for product information feasible with AtroPIM?

Yes, all SEO requirements for your product information can be implemented in AtroPIM by your administrator using an additional configuration.

How many and which attributes can a product have?

For a product, the values should be given for the attributes associated with the product family of which the product itself is. A product can have any number of attributes, it is even possible to add additional attributes that are not assigned to the product family.

There are over 20 attribute types in AtroPIM. Each attribute value is automatically validated according to its type when it is saved.

How can you determine whether a product is a mandatory or a voluntary attribute?

When configuring the product family, you can determine for each attribute whether the value for this attribute is mandatory or voluntary for each product.

Can I save rich texts (HTML texts) in AtroPIM? Is there a WYSIWYG editor?

Yes, in AtroPIM there is a WYSIWYG editor as an entity field type and an attribute type.

This means that rich texts (HTML texts) can be saved in both ways - as the value of a field (not only for products) and as the value of a product attribute.

Can you change the order of the attribute values of a product?

Yes, to change the order of the product attributes, please use the drag-and-drop function on the detail page of the respective product family. There you can arrange the product attributes. The product attributes are then arranged on a product page in the same way as on the page of the associated product family.

Can you duplicate a product description?

Every product description including all relations can be duplicated. Use the corresponding function on the product detail page.

Can you change several product descriptions at the same time?

Yes, thanks to the mass change functions such as “Mass Update”, “Add Relation” or “Remove Relation”, it is possible to make changes to all selected or filtered products at the same time.

Can you filter products by product attributes?

Yes, use the filter function on the product page. You can implement any complex filter scenarios here and define more than one filter criterion for an attribute.

How can you sort products?

To do this, click on the column name. Click the column name again to sort the entries in reverse order.

Can you filter products by status or product tags?

Yes, status or product tags are common fields, just like any other. Use the filter functions according to product attributes and choose either status or product tags as a filter criterion.

Which predefined product filters are there?

The following filters are preset for products:

  • My entries assigned to me,
  • Without associated products,
  • Without categories,
  • Without product attributes,
  • Without pictures,
  • Followed - the ones I follow.

You can also save your own filters after they have been configured.

Can I manage packaging units for products?

Yes, let your administrator set up the new entity “Packaging units” and link it to the products.

How and where can I see the total number of my products?

The total number of your products is shown in the list view for products just above the product table on the right. Please make sure that no filters are set, otherwise you will only see the number of products that have been filtered out or found according to a search criterion.

What are codes for (product codes, category codes, attribute codes etc.)?

Codes are important as uniform names for your entries in AtroPIM, because you can e.g. Have multiple categories or attributes that have the same name but are of different nature.

That is why we recommend defining codes that are clear, informative and help you to immediately and precisely understand which entry is involved.

Is it possible to make a mass change to product data?

Yes, you can remove, add to or adapt information about products, product associations and other product-dependent entities using mass changes.