What is a portal and what is it used for?

A portal is a fully featured sub-instance of AtroPIM. Portals are used to grant portal users access only to certain entities so that collaboration with external parties can be organized more efficiently.

You can configure for a portal:

  • Interface language and other local settings
  • Name
  • Access URL
  • Available roles
  • Theme
  • Own dashboards
  • Users

Portal roles and portal users must be created in order to manage the authorizations within portals.

Why do you need a supplier portal or a dealer portal?

The cooperation with business partners can be organized in AtroPIM with the help of portals. A portal enables external parties to have restricted access to predefined entities and functions.

The portals for dealers and suppliers are preset with AtroPIM. If these are not needed, they can be removed quickly and easily.

A dealer portal is helpful to organize cooperation with your own dealers. E.g. Every dealer can download all the product information themselves via the portal, when it suits them or when an update has taken place.

A supplier portal is helpful for organizing cooperation with suppliers. E.g. a supplier upload their updated product data including availabilities in your system without involving you. So that the portal can be used by a supplier, certain preparatory work should also be carried out, such as the programming of import feeds that are adapted to the data format of the supplier.

Can you set up a portal via a subdomain?

Yes, it is possible to set up a portal so that it can be accessed via a subdomain. This requires special settings in your server infrastructure.

How many portals can be created?

Several portals can be created in AtroPIM. Each portal can serve its own purpose - e.g. supplier portal, dealer portals, portals for collaboration with external parties and others can be created.

Are there any restrictions when configuring authorizations in a portal?

No, there are no other restrictions except for access levels. For portals, users and roles are configured in the same way as for AtroPIM. The users who are assigned to an account automatically receive access to all entries that have been activated for the account, so there are no access levels here.

Can you set up your own dashboards for a portal?

Yes, the admin can set up separate dashboards for each portal. The same widgets are used for this as for the main system.

If necessary, the additional widgets can be programmed.

Can you set your own theme for a portal?

Yes, the administrator can assign its own theme to each portal. It is thus possible to create specific designs for portals that correspond to the purpose of the portal.

Can you preset a different language in a portal?

Yes, you can set a different standard language for a portal. When logging in, the user will still have the option of selecting the language of the user interfaces.