What are the technical requirements for AtroPIM?

There are no special requirements for the server. AtroPIM is installed using Composer.

Nevertheless, we recommend the use of Linux servers (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu) with at least 8 GB of RAM and with SSD or SAS hard drives to ensure high data exchange speed.

Please use PHP version 7.1 or higher and MySQL version 5.7 or higher.

Is it possible to use MariaDB instead of MySQL?

No, currently not. But this will be changed in the future.

Is AtroPIM scalable?

Yes, AtroPIM is highly scalable and can be set up like any other web application depending on the needs of the user - on both high-performance and cost-effective servers.

Can AtroPIM cope with hundreds of thousands of products?

Yes, as a modern and scalable solution, AtroPIM can easily process product catalogs with several hundred thousand products. Of course, the system should be provided on an appropriate infrastructure.

What are the special features of the server infrastructure?

AtroPIM has no restrictions in terms of setting up the server infrastructure. This can be structured like any other web application. This can also fully take into account the special features of the user. The application can be set up as a single-server solution or as a multi-server solution.

A server for EUR 20 per month will be sufficient to install and run the application.

What about backups?

Setting up backups is left to your server administrator. Any backup scenarios can be implemented without any restrictions. If your hoster also offers the backups, these can also be used.