Who is the target group?

AtroPIM is a highly flexible PIM software that can be used equally well by a broad target group - brands and manufacturers as well as wholesalers, gross retailers and online retailers.

The system can be easily configured according to the type of user and his purpose. New entities and relations to existing entities can also be set up to map special requirements.

What are the unique selling points of AtroPIM?

AtroPIM is open source and free

We firmly believe in the open source approach and associated values and have nothing to hide. Publishing our code makes our solutions better, more powerful and more flexible because we pay attention to the code quality of our solutions.

There are only two providers of PIM software worldwide that follow the open source approach - Akeneo and Pimcore.

AtroPIM is free. Apart from Akeneo and Pimcore, which also offer free versions, a rental or purchase license is required for all other PIM systems.

Incredible flexibility and configurability

The AtroPIM data model is completely configurable thanks to Entity Manager and Layout Manager and can therefore take into account the specifics of each individual user from the start. The functionality can be expanded with the help of numerous modules.

Thanks to the service-oriented software architecture, any requests can be implemented quickly and easily. AtroPIM was specially developed for users with many special requests.

AtroPIM is based on AtroCore

AtroСore is a full-fledged ecosystem or platform for developing business applications. All modules for AtroPIM will automatically be compatible with other AtroCore-based solutions and vice versa. It is currently possible to use AtroPIM together with AtroDAM in one instance. AtroCore thus creates a new software ecosystem for expanding software and developing new solutions.


The functionality of the portals comes straight out of the box in AtroPIM in order to enable the user to work with his trading partners and other service providers. Several portals can be set up in a AtroPIM instance. There are no other free PIM solutions that have this functionality on board.

The following portals are pre-set up immediately after the system has been installed:

  • Supplier portal - if you have suppliers and should upload their own product information directly into your system.

  • Dealer portal - if you have dealers and want to provide them with your product information by having your dealers download your product data themselves.

Uniform software edition

There is no division into Community Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or the like. All users use a uniform edition of AtroPIM software. The user systems only differ in the modules used. This approach gives AtroPIM software a clear competitive advantage, also compared to other open source PIM solutions.

Responsive design

All AtroPIM interfaces are responsive and can be used equally well on all devices - on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The responsiveness of the user interfaces is not linked to changes via the Layout Manager.

High Value-for-Money (VFM)

AtroPIM is free and offers a lot of functions related to the management of product information straight out of the box, no other free solution and also many paid solutions can keep up. Even if you add paid premium modules and the costs for the implementation of a “typical PIM project”, you often get a cheaper total amount than the competition!

Low implementation and support costs

Since the AtroPIM PIM system has a high degree of configuration, many changes to the system can be made without any programming. Even if changes have to be made to the code, these can be made relatively quickly due to the high flexibility of the system and the high code quality.

Prices for our connectors to other systems are usually lower than those of the competition, and they do not depend on the volume of data exchanged.

We offer numerous inexpensive modules to supplement or change the functionality of the system. The use of existing modules is much cheaper than developing your own.

AtroPIM is an excellent solution for those companies that have problems with their product information. So far, some of them have not been willing to invest in a solution because of the high cost.

AtroPIM is an innovative solution

AtroPIM is a really innovative solution with many options for the user, because it is modern, flexible, configurable and expandable.

Can you manage more than just product information in AtroPIM?

Yes, AtroPIM is a flexible and configurable business application. Any data can be stored and managed here. Use the Entity Manager to set up the entities that are still missing; these can e.g. be - product series, orders, contracts, customer master data, invoices, etc.

Is AtroPIM Open Source, what does it mean?

Yes, AtroPIM is open source. We have nothing to hide and every developer who is familiar with the technologies we use (PHP, Backbone.js etc.) can make changes directly in the code if necessary.

All free and paid (premium) modules are also delivered open-source. Please note that the premium modules are not free software, the license conditions must be considered, but these are also open source. This is exactly why we can proudly say that AtroPIM is 100% Open Source PIM software.

Thanks to this approach, we hope to build a large community of users and developers who can contribute to the further development of our solutions.

What does “modern” mean at AtroPIM?

Modern software architecture

AtroPIM is based on a modern service-oriented software architecture, i.e. with AtroPIM everything runs via API. It facilitates the further development of the system and the integration of AtroPIM with other systems, because the same API is used for data exchange both within the system and with third-party systems.

Thanks to the Javascript framework Backbone.js used, AtroPIM is implemented as a single page application (SPA), which significantly improves the performance of the system, because only the necessary information is reloaded and not the entire page, as is the case with many websites or other web applications.

Modern technologies in use

AtroPIM relies on modern and proven open source technologies that have existed for years and are consistently further developed - PHP and MySQL. No external frameworks are used either (except for Backbone.js) to keep our PIM system lean and to be independent of external framework developers. In the foreseeable future, we are also not planning to change our technology stack in order to ensure future security for our customers who are interested in long-term use of our solutions, because the technologies we use will definitely not go out of style.

Modern approach to software development and support

We are also modern in our approach to software development, we develop AtroPIM as dynamic software with a modular system and update our solutions regularly to meet customer wishes and requirements. The system and the modules are updated with the help of our innovative module manager in order to find possible conflicts and compatibility problems in good time and to keep the update effort as minimal as possible.

Modern user interfaces

AtroPIM has modern, user-friendly and intuitively understandable user interfaces with responsive design. These are universal and expandable, regardless of which functions the user is thinking of. Any changes can be made without affecting the user experience.

What does “flexible” mean at AtroPIM?

AtroPIM is flexible for all roles in the system - for users, for administrators and for programmers. The interfaces and functions can be expanded or modified as desired so that the system meets the requirements of the user to 100%. The system remains intuitively understandable and user-friendly.

You have the following possibilities to influence the behavior of the system:

  • Entity Manager - you can create new entities (e.g. contracts, product series, product groups etc.) or adapt existing ones by adding or removing new fields or defining the rule for the conditional field logic.
  • Layout Manager - you can conveniently configure the user interfaces of each individual entity using drag-and-drop directly from the admin area. Do you need a new field? It takes exactly three minutes to add this field and publish it on an interface.
  • In the admin area there are otherwise numerous configuration options to control the system - e.g. navigation, general and separate for each individual role, currencies, languages, users, user roles, teams, emails, etc.
  • You can also set many things directly in the code that are no longer possible from the admin area.
  • If a feature can not be configured, it can still be programmed additionally.

What does “configurable” mean in AtroPIM?

AtroPIM is highly configurable. Many requirements can be implemented within minutes by configuration completely without programming.

In AtroPIM you can configure:

  • Navigation, also separately for each user or portal
  • Users, teams, roles and permissions
  • Entities (products, attributes, contracts, documents, product series, product groups, etc.) including their fields
  • Relations between entities, e.g. you want to save several documents per trading partner and these should be visible on the trading partner's detail page.
  • Layouts for all standard and custom entities
  • Field labels
  • etc.

Thanks to the high degree of configuration of AtroPIM, many costs can be saved in the context of an implementation project.

What does “expandable” mean at AtroPIM?

There are absolutely no limits to the expandability of AtroPIM. The system has a modular structure and can be expanded with official and self-created modules, because the AtroPIM source code is open and freely available.

There are many modules for AtroPIM, including those that do not necessarily have to do with a PIM system. Each user only installs the modules that he really needs for his particular tasks and problems. If a required module does not exist, it can still be programmed individually, either by us or by other developers or agencies.

What restrictions are there?

There are no usage restrictions with AtroPIM, the license conditions only apply to premium modules.

Why aren't all translations in the system, can you add them?

The main language for AtroPIM is English. It can happen that the translations for one or the other language are not available or not completely available. You can add the necessary localizations in your installation of AtroPIM via the Label Manager and send them to us so that we can transfer them to the core of the system.

As a free open source project, we depend on our community and will be happy to receive any help with the translation and localization of AtroPIM.

Can you customize the dashboard and add your own widgets?

Yes, it is possible to customize the dashboard. It is even possible to create more than one dashboard, then you can switch between them using tabs. There are different widgets that can be used in a dashboard.

The new widgets can also be added by installing additional modules, such as by installing the Completeness Module.

If necessary, it is possible to have new widgets programmed by us or other developers.

What is the difference between the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition?

There is no Enterprise Edition. AtroPIM is only available in one edition, the freely available “Community Edition”. AtroPIM is also not sold as an “Enterprise Edition”. Each customer can only choose and buy the modules that he really needs, there is no compulsion.

How are AtroPIM and AtroPIM modules licensed?

AtroPIM is licensed under [GPLv3] ( AtroPIM thus offers users the following freedom:

  • the freedom to run the program for any purpose,
  • the freedom to adapt the program to your own needs,
  • the freedom to share the software with friends and fellow human beings and
  • the freedom to exchange changes made with others.

AtroPIM costs nothing and can be used free of charge.

  • There are two types of modules for AtroPIM: *

  • Free modules, these are also licensed under GPLv3 and

  • paid premium modules - these are licensed under [TL EULA] (

There are no modules that are distributed under both licenses at the same time.

Are AtroPIM Premium modules sold or rented?

AtroPIM Premium modules are sold, not rented. After purchasing a module, you can get free updates for one year. Installation is not included. You can continue to use the module even after this period has expired. If you wish, you can purchase a new version of the module at a discounted rate - 50%. If you purchase the update within one month directly after the expiry of the one-year period, otherwise at a full price.

What is AtroCore?

AtroСore is a platform for developing business applications. AtroCore creates a new and modern software ecosystem and forms the basis for further solutions from us.

AtroPIM is a solution based on the AtroCore platform and therefore has all the properties and functions that are provided by the platform. These are the general functions that would be conceivable for any business application.

Technically speaking, all AtroPIM modules are developed for AtroCore and will therefore also be compatible with other AtroCore-based solutions.

It is up to the user to decide which AtroCore applications he wants to use in one instance at the same time.

Can you have an individual module programmed or an existing one customized?

Yes of course. Please contact us regarding this!

Why do you need the “Active” property?

It is possible to set the entry “active” or “inactive” in almost every AtroPIM entity. Only active entries can be selected when it comes to relations between the entities. For example, you can only select one active category or active product family for a particular product.

Only active products can be synchronized with other systems or made available via export feeds.

Is AtroPIM multilingual?

Yes, AtroPIM is multi-lingual and multi-locale capable. You can save different product information e.g. for Germany and Austria, enriched with regional words, in German.

Does AtroPIM have responsive design?

Yes, AtroPIM is the only PIM system to have a full reponsive design and can be used equally well on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Is AtroPIM web-based, what are the benefits?

AtroPIM is a completely web-based software and as such it offers the user the following advantages:

  • not tied to permanent jobs;
  • can be used by several users at the same time;
  • the number of users is unlimited;
  • Users with different roles and authorizations possible;
  • External access possible (depending on the configuration);
  • Access possible from anywhere (depending on the configuration);
  • Works in every browser, no additional software needs to be installed;
  • Uncomplicated connection to any other system possible;
  • available as an intranet and internet solution.

What is Entity?

An entity is a set of data that can be classified and that has a fixed relationship with other entities. An entity thus has clearly identifiable objects or clearly identifiable facts that have comparable properties that characterize this entity. Examples of an entity: contacts, products, product attributes, associations, categories, contracts, documents, orders, etc.

Several data entries can belong to an entity.