Does the price depend on the number of users?

The costs are not linked to the number of users - with the sale of our premium modules as well as with their maintenance and support. Your cost will more likely depend on your level of usage and customization needs.

What does the implementation of AtroPIM cost?

There is no general answer to this question, because every user has their own particularities and tasks that can be solved with the help of AtroPIM. We take projects with a project budget starting from EUR 10,000 net, including the acquisition of the modules.

What is the hourly rate?

Our services are billed at an hourly rate from EUR 100 net. The hourly rate depends on the location of the resources that are involved in the implementation of the project.

How exactly are the costs determined?

For each project, we prepare a cost estimate based on the discussion of the customer's requirements and coordinate this with the customer. If the customer agrees with the costs, the project will be implemented.

In rare cases it can happen that the actual costs deviate from the estimate (e.g. if they cannot be objectively estimated or a third system or another party is involved in the solution). In these cases we will notify the customer in advance and agree on what to do with the request.

How is a project billed?

Milestones / sprints are defined for the implementation of a project. After a milestone has been accepted by the customer, the associated costs are also billed.

Is there a deposit and what is it required for?

Yes, depending on the size of the project, we will invoice the customer with a down payment of EUR 3,000 net or more, so that the customer can prove the seriousness of his project with this payment and we can allocate the resources for the implementation of the project.

How else can I save costs?

You should be willing to compromise with yourself and with us. Do not try to implement all requirements immediately, start with the most important ones. Who knows, maybe your needs will change over time. There are certain functions or modules that you can do without at first. These should not necessarily be implemented immediately.

Even after the implementation, it is possible and even recommended to implement the additional functions and requirements that were forgotten at the beginning or seemed not so important.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Our solutions are based exclusively on open source technologies, including those developed by us - i.e. there are no license costs and no other fees. You only pay us for:

  • consultation
  • implementation
  • programming
  • premium modules
  • maintenance and support, if you take out a maintenance contract for it.

Do I have to expect monthly fees for AtroPIM?

No, AtroPIM software is free. You only pay a monthly fee if you conclude a maintenance and support contract with us. The amount of the fees is determined by your needs and intensity of use, regardless of the number of your users.