Consulting, introduction and support

Which services are offered?

We offer a wide range of services that are directly and indirectly related to the introduction of a PIM system, including:

  • Consulting
  • Implementation of AtroPIM
  • Migration from other PIM systems
  • Integration of AtroPIM with third-party systems
  • Programming of additional functions and modules
  • Maintenance and support.

You can purchase a “worry-free” package from us, we will never let you down!

What options are there, what does it cost?

We can offer you a free first consultation, contact us and we will make an appointment.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your tasks and problems as well as the possible alternative solutions with the help of AtroPIM in more detail, we can offer you a workshop - via screen sharing, at our premises or at your location.

How do you ensure that communication is correct throughout the project?

We attach great importance to the right communication and believe that this contributes most to the success of the project. For every project, the customer receives a permanently assigned project manager from us who will oversee the project from start to finish.

We actively use modern communication methods: telephone, email and screen sharing. Every customer has direct access to our project management and issue tracking system.

Project languages with us are - German, English, Russian or Ukrainian.

Shall we meet in person before the project starts?

Not necessarily, thanks to modern communication technologies it is no longer necessary. We would be happy to meet you if you wish. Our headquarters are in Regensburg, Germany.

Do I get a permanent contact person during the project?

Yes, the project manager assigned to your project will be happy to assist you via email and phone. Please note that you will also be actively involved during the implementation phase. It is therefore particularly important for you to assign an internal project manager to the project.

How long does it take to implement AtroPIM?

The implementation of AtroPIM takes from four weeks. The time depends very much on how many individual requirements and special features you have. However, this deadline depends not only on us, but much more on you, because you have to participate in the project.

How is the project implementation organized?

We have been specializing in e-commerce for a long time and have built up extensive know-how in this area that allowed us to develop AtroPIM. Thanks to an agile project approach, we ensure that the end result fully meets the requirements.

We implement a project as follows:

  1. First we start with a kickoff meeting and discuss with you the goals and all the most important tasks to be implemented in the project.
  2. Then we discuss your data model and configure AtroPIM accordingly.
  3. The detailed requirements are then formulated and divided into sprints in descending order of importance. The most important requirements are implemented in the first sprints and the less important ones in the following sprints.
  4. Each sprint is approved separately by the customer, and the resulting comments, changes and enhancements are then implemented in the subsequent sprint.

In this way, we remain flexible, agile and open to new insights throughout the project in order to get an excellent overall project result in the end.

What support do you offer?

We ensure that you do not remain perplexed with our solutions and ensure that every customer receives proper support. We offer three support packages:

  • Basic - for small users.
  • Premium - for small users with a few special requests.
  • Enterprise - for larger users with high demands.

It is also possible to agree an SLA contract with us with special conditions. Please contact us for this.

In which languages can I be supported?

German, English, Russian, Ukrainian.