The data exporting feature comes with the AtroCore system out of the box and is available on any entity list view page. It allows you to export the desired data fields in the XLSX (Excel) or CSV format.

To have more advanced export options (e.g. export product attribute values, product images/assets, channels, etc.), get the "Export Feeds" module. The details are available in the AtroPIM store.


Open any entity list view page, select the desired record(s) and click the Export option in the mass actions menu:

Export option

The following setup pop-up will appear:

Export setup

Here you can select the export file format (XLSX or CSV) from the drop-down list, and define the fields to be exported or select the Export all fields option to export all fields available in the given entity.

By default, the required fields are displayed in the Field list box, but you can modify the list, if needed.

Running Export

To start exporting the data, click the Export button in the setup pop-up – the export file will be downloaded in the defined format.

Export Permissions

By default, data export is enabled for all AtroCore users. However, export permissions can be disabled by the administrator. In this case, the Export option will not be shown in the mass actions menu:

Export option disabled

To get the data export ability back, please, contact your administrator.